Integrated review at 2-2½ years

Review at two logo Our Health Visiting Teams work closely with Early Years settings across Worcestershire to provide you with a seamless and comprehensive insight into your child’s health and development needs

What is the Integrated Two-Year Check?

It is a health and development review of your child that is carried out by your health visiting team and your child’s early years setting (childminder, nursery, preschool or playgroup).

Within Worcestershire, we call this check ‘All about me @ 2’ and will take place when your child is between 27 and 30 months old and a member of the health visiting team will:

  • Send you an appointment letter for when this appointment will take place, if you can’t make this appointment, please get in touch with the team to rearrange the appointment for a date/ time that suits you.
  • Provide an overview of the check to put in your Red Book (unless this is done by video call). 
  • Ask parents/carers to share this with your child's early years setting. 
  • If we identify any concerns, with your permission, we will share this information with your child's early years setting. 

In addition to this, your Early Years setting will review your child’s progress when your child is between 2 to 3 years of age:

  • They will provide an overview of the progess that your child is making in their development areas, which are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; and Communication and Language. 
  • Provide this report for you to put in your Red Book. 
  • If they identify any concerns, with your permisssion, they wull share this information with your Health Visitor. 
  • The Early Years staff will let you know when this will take place. 

For more information visit: Worcestershire County Council Website [opens in new window].

Why are there two separate reviews/checks?

The two checks ensure that all your child’s developmental needs are reviewed, with both health and early year’s education professionals contributing to the process.

They will work together to support your child to make progress if any issues are identified.

If you have any questions about the ‘All about me @ 2’ integrated check, please contact your health visiting team or your child’s key person in your early years setting.

Download and print   'All About Me @ 2' leaflet