Baby Buddy

Developed by UK charity Best Beginnings in collaboration with parents, healthcare professionals and partner charities across the country: the free Baby Buddy app is with you throughout your pregnancy and parenting journey, day by day. Quote: I love that this app includes us dads-to-be. I feel more informed and able to learn on the app.

Whether you're a mum, dad, co-parent or caregiver, Baby Buddy is here to empower you to feel confident, giving you the knowledge and practical skills to look after yourself and give your child the best start. 

  • Bite-sized, personalised information and advice for every day of pregnancy and up to the child’s first birthday.
  • Personalised information for dads and co-parents as well as mums (the world's first free app to offer this!)
  • A growing video library covering everything from nappy changing and breastfeeding, to mental health and the importance of antenatal care. Many of the videos feature young parents.
  • Support for birth choices, including information about every maternity unit in the UK and personal care and support plans.
  • A digital personal child health record to record growth, vaccinations, appointments and other milestones.

Download the Baby Buddy app