Birth & Beyond Worcestershire

Sessions for Parents To Be. We recommend you start Birth and Beyond Worcestershire between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.  Sessions run over four consecutive weeks and last two hours with a further session after your baby is born.

These FREE sessions are facilitated by Parenting Support Workers and provide information on:

  • Getting to know your unborn baby
  • Changes for you/partner
  • Giving birth and meeting baby
  • Your health and wellbeing (Parents)
  • Feeding, bathing and practical care of your new baby
  • Who is there for you – people and services

You are entitled to paid time off work to attend this group.

If you would like to know more about any of our groups or courses or wish to register your interest please complete the online referral form.

Getting to know your unborn baby



Giving birth and meeting your baby

Worcestershire Royal Hospital -  Virtual Maternity Tour

How will I know I’m in labour?

What pain relief will be available:

How can I use breathing exercises during labour?

Note: These next two videos show a women delivery a baby and may be distressing for parents

Stages of Labour

What's involved in a caesarean section? 


Life as parents

What can I do to help my pregnant partner?

How can I support my baby's early development?

How will breastfeeding help me bond with my baby?


Taking care of your baby

How can I help my baby learn and develop

Is my baby feeding and growing well? 

How do I bath my baby?

Does it matter if we argue in front of our baby?

Healthy Eating

Healthy Teeth