Reducing parental conflict

Parental conflict, can range from swearing and shouting between parents, to children feeling like they are walking on egg shells when the conflict is more silent. This is known to have a negative impact on the life chances and well-being of children and young people, particularly when conflict happens a lot, and is left unresolved.

In Worcestershire, there is an initiative called Harmony at Home, which aims to reduce parental conflict. 

Harmony at Home understands all relationships can experience challenges, difficulties and breakdown, especially with the pressures of being a parent. The Harmony at Home website has been specifically developed to support families with advice, tips and information for parents and carers who may be together, separating, divorced or co-parenting.

Website: Harmony at Home - Worcestershire County Council [opens in new window]

Advice to parents and carers on keeping children safe from abuse and harm during COVID-19.

The Government has released new guidance on keeping children safe from abuse and harm [opens in new window] which covers exploitation, domestic abuse, radicalisation and online safety. 

Immediate concerns about the wellbeing of a child

Call the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) helpline for support and advice if you have a concern for your own or another child’s safety on 0808 800 5000.

If you feel that a child is in immediate danger, call the police on 999. You can report concerns to the police on their non-emergency number, 101.

You can also contact the relevant social care team at your local council to report a concern about a child or adult.

Children and young people who have been victims of a crime may need support to cope and recover. You don’t have to report the crime to the police to get support. You can find free, local support teams across England and Wales on the Victim and Witness Information site.

Other resources:

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