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School Aged Hearing - COVID-19 update

Child hearing test

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has not been possible this academic year to visit schools and undertake the Reception Hearing Screening Programme.

If you have any active concerns regarding your child’s hearing an appointment can be offered within the School Age Hearing Clinic. These clinics are held in the community setting and run during school hours only.

Please contact us on 01905 681701 or 01905 681700 to discuss your child’s hearing concerns between the hours of 2-4pm, Monday to Friday. If we do not hear from you within 21 days of this notification, we will assume that you do not require the service.

For those children where there are no current concerns regarding their hearing, please be assured that you can discuss a referral with your School Health Nurse (contact number available from school) at any point during your child’s school career should a hearing concern arise.  Alternatively, your GP can also refer direct to the Audiology Department at the hospital.