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Support for parents this September

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Children’s services from across the county have teamed up to support parents and families this September.

Teams from Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust and the Starting Well Partnership are set to host a series of online support and education sessions for parents of children with worries or anxieties around the return to school.

The sessions, which cover topics including beating worries and anxiety, building relationships, coping with change and looking after your emotions will last 45 around minutes and take place in groups online via video call.

They will be hosted by teams from Worcestershire Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Reach 4 Wellbeing, Paediatric Physiotherapy and parenting teams from the Starting Well Partnership.

This comes as children across Worcestershire return to school this week, with many being out of the classroom since April due to the COVID19 lockdown measures.

Kerry Beaumont, Clinical Service Manager Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) said, “September is an exciting time for lots of children, but the return to school can trigger anxiety for both young people and their families.

"This year families may have added worries due to the presence of COVID19, but together with the measures our local schools have put in place, we hope to alleviate some of these worries and support children to return to school safely”.

The sessions are open to all parents and carers of children living in Worcestershire and are free to join.

For the full timetable and joining details visit