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Throughout this page you will find presentations, webinars and short videos produced by Starting Well Partnership staff and staff from across the NHS to support you and your family.

Animal Safety Information and Resources

Animal Safety Information and Resources

Many families have pets and having pets can help teach our children kindness as well as helping to develop their social skills. When introducing a pet to your household, we recommend you introduce rules to ensure everyone can live happily and safely together.

  • Make sure that young children and pets are never left unattended together – even for the shortest time. Even if they seem to have got used to each other there is always a risk. As babies and young children may like to get close to animals to show affection, but this is not how animals show love they may find it frightening and lead to them biting or scratching.
  • No matter how gentle and well trained your pet might be they still rely on their animal instincts and they can react in unexpected ways when they are frightened or stressed. This can make animals like dogs dangerous and sadly result injury or death in children by family pets.
  • Make sure your children understand how to treat your pet with respect and not to push, pull or lay on them, or do anything that may cause your pet distress or harm.
  • Be mindful when feeding your child around your pet. Always try to feed your child away from your pet and never on the floor with your pet.
  • Do not allow your pet to sleep with young children in their beds, cots or baskets, this poses a risk of suffocation

For more information and top tips on keeping children safe around dogs or preparing a dog for a new baby can be found on the following websites:

RSPCA - Keeping children safe around dogs

Institue of Health Visiting - Keeping babies and children safe around dogs in the home

The Dogs Trust - Preparing your dog for a new baby in the family and home

PDSA - How to keep them safe and happy

Back to School parent/carer Sessions

Back to School parent/carer sessions - Resources for download

The below presentations and resources followYellow rucksack against blue background the 'Back to School' parent a nd carer sessions which took place in Autumn 2020. 


The Importance of Routines 

Relaxation Techniques 

Coping with Change

Building Relationships 

Emotional Regulation 

Yoga for Self Regulation 

The Importance of Exercise

Beating Anxiety 

Sensory Needs - Paediatric Occupational Therapy