Support with relationships and sexual health

Sexual Health 

In Worcestershire, sexual health services are provided by Worcestershire Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) Service.

The service runs clinics across the county, and also offer a young person only clinic on a Saturday. The service can provide you with contraception, condoms, STI/STD testing and pregnancy advice. You can also access support and advice for sexual health from your School Health Nurse, either in school/college or via the ChatHealth service, they can help you to make an appointment to speak with a Sexual Health Outreach worker who can provide contraception, screening and treatment of STIs. As well as advice and guidance around sexual health and relationships for up to 25 year olds.  

For the latest timetables and booking information for sexual health services, visit the Know Your Stuff website.

Emergency contraception

If you're unable to access any of the above services, emergency contraception is also available from some local pharmacies. Use the NHS 'Find emergency contraception' tool to find services local to you.

Healthy Relationships

Being in a relationship can be really exciting and often both partners are very happy, but there are times when this doesn't happen and you might be worried about the way you're feeling or how you're being treated. If things have changed or you're not being treated as you expected, this may be signs of an unhealthy relationship.

There are lots of charities and organisations with support and advice available, they can also help you if you're worried about how you're being treated or if you're being pressured into doing things you don't want to do. Use the below links to find out more.

Childline - Healthy and unhealthy relationships 

Brook - Help and advice on sexual health and relationships for young people

Children's Commissioner - Talking to your child about online sexual harassment: A guide for parents