Welcome to the Worcestershire School Health Nursing Service referral information, which is part of the Starting Well Partnership

Please read the below referral criteria carefully before submitting the form:

  1. We accept electronic referrals from Schools, Parents, GPs and other professionals, however if you need a word version, please email whcnhs.shnaccessandresponse@nhs.net
  2. We can accept telephone contact from parents for initial advice or for further referral into the service through our 1 simple number: 01905 520032
  3. Young People can self-refer via our ChatHealth confidential texting service (07507 331750). 
  4. All referrals will be processed by our dedicated Access and Response Team and responses will be sent to the referrer received via email. Please ensure you add your contact email address to the referral form.  
  5. You should expect to have a response to your referral within 14 days.

Referral Exclusion Criteria

  • Health related school absence referrals

These referrals cannot be considered if they are not health related.

  • Growth and nutrition

Monitoring height and weight for other professionals who are already planning care.

  • Emotional health and wellbeing

If a child or young person is already under the care of another service provider (e.g. Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Specialist Counselling, Wellbeing and Emotional Support Team (WEST) etc.)

If a referral to CAMHS or Community Paediatrics is required, this should be completed by whichever professional first identifies a concern - this could include the GP or school.

If there are immediate concerns around serious self-harm, psychosis, or suicidal ideation, please seek emergency advice by dialing 999, 111 or attending your nearest at A&E department.

  • Bereavement

If a child or young person has already been referred to or is under the care of a specialist service.

  • “Behaviour”

School-based behaviour concerns need to be addressed by school following own procedures.

More information required

  • If children/young people are already under the care of specialist health services and you need further information, this should be requested from the specialist service.
  • If you have any safeguarding concerns, please do not refer to this service to investigate - follow your organisation’s individual safeguarding policies, and/or make a direct referral to Worcestershire’s Family Front Door
School Health Nursing Referral

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

  Supporting resilience and wellbeing (e.g., bullying issues, domestic abuse concerns, managing tasks in daily life- washing, dressing, hygiene, general advice for toileting issues, routines) Improving health behaviours and reducing risk taking (e.g., social media concerns, friendship groups, alcohol or drug misuse, smoking, sexual health, relationships, behaviour issues, puberty advice and support, Parenting groups) Supporting healthy lifestyles (e.g., diet, sleep, poor diet and physical inactivity, Oral health) Promoting self-care and improving health literacy (concerns around bullying, puberty, sexual health, gender identity, sexual orientation, Parenting strategies and support, information on support groups, support available in community)
*This is a mandatory field. What are the specific health issues that the School Nurse may be able to address? Please select the main reason from the following list
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Additional information for parents, children and young people that can offer help and support