Helping you to start your own baby/toddler group

If there is not a baby/toddler group in your local area, we can offer some support and advice for you to start your own group.  You may want to do this with a group of people together.

There are two options for you.

  • Running a group in a Starting Well Family Hub
  • Running a group in a community venue

Running a group in a Family Hub

You will be registered and trained as a volunteer within the organisation that is running the Family Hub. As part of this you will receive:

  • DBS Check
  • Volunteer Training (including Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Equality and Diversity, Health & Safety)
  • Access to additional training e.g. first aid
  • Risk assessment support
  • Regular supervision
  • A named contact for support
  • Resources
  • Free use of centre for your group
  • Support with session ideas

Running a group in a community venue

Important things to consider:

  • Check building insurance and obtain a copy of the certificate from the community venue owner.
  • Get DBS checks for all employees and volunteers DBS Checks - Find out about the types of DBS checks and how to get one by visiting the website.
  • Risk assess building, activities and resources (Your Local Community Health Connector can support you with this)
  • Equipment/resources
  • Make sure you can cover costs of rent and snacks/activities (Your Local Community Health Connector may be able to give you information about where to get funding)

Tips for success

  • Perseverance and planning
  • Be friendly and approachable to everyone
  • Follow children’s interests and listen to their voices
  • Provide an atmosphere of fun and exploration

When starting a new group, you will need to consider the following:

  • Think about the kind of group you want to run: baby group/toddler group/singing group?
  • What age range will you run the group for?
  • Will you run the group every week?
  • Will you run the group in school holiday times?
  • Do you have any volunteers to cover your absences?
  • How much will you need to cover costs?
  • Who will handle the money?
  • Do you have anyone First Aid trained?
  • Do you need any policies and what sort of activities you are going to run?

Don’t forget - Publicise it well

  • Flyers through letter boxes
  • Posters in shop windows or community notice boards, newsletters etc.
  • Create an event on Facebook/Twitter

Your local Community Health Connector can talk through some of these options with you to help you get your group up and running  - to contact them call your local Family Hub

Useful links and information

Insurance - Search online for Parent & Toddler Group Insurance — as you may need public liability to run a group. There are a number of companies that can provide this.

Setting up a toddler group - for ideas and tips take a look at the links below;

Setting up a toddler group - for ideas and tips take a look at the links below;