Understanding your baby

Image of new parents with their baby

Becoming parents is a significant life change, and no one ever said it would be easy. In fact, it's probably the most demanding job you will ever have.

Our 'Understanding your baby' group is designed to help you as parents, parents-to-be and other family members likely to be involved in your baby’s care, to support you and your new arrival from birth to 6 months. 

These groups brings together all the traditional information given on a postnatal workshop, in a new approach to developing your relationship with your baby including: 

  • Your baby’s sleep
  • Baby's brain development
  • How you and your baby may be feeling
  • Feeding your baby
  • Ways to respond to baby's crying
  • Baby’s play and developmental needs
  • Looking at the range of different childcare options available when the time may come to returning to work 

Supporting you to build relationships with other parents, as just like the saying goes "It takes a village to raise a child."

If you would like to find out more about these groups, or to book onto our next available workshop please contact your local Family Hub on 01905 520 032