Parenting during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this unprecedented time, parents and carers are facing new roles and challenges. Parenting and looking after children at home can great fun, but it can also be very tough too. Remember you're not alone and our teams are here to support you. We hope this page equips you with practical information to support you during this time, however if you feel you might need some more support our teams are on hand to help you.

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Shared Parenting - Is it still OK to share parenting arrangements during COVID-19?

The Government has said, for families where parents are separated, children under 18 can move between both homes. But it's important to do what's safe and right for everyone. 3 things to think about when deciding whether a child should visit both homes are:

  • the children's health
  • whether there's risk of infection
  • if there are vulnerable people in either home.

Routine can help children feel safe, secure and reassured so keeping to your usual contact arrangements, as long as it's safe to, will help maintain consistency and routine. Talk to your children about any changes and explain why these have been made so they feel involved with decisions and secure that others in their lives are still involved day to day.

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Can I look after my grandchildren?

People from two different households can meet indoors, which enables you to spend time with your grandchildren. At this time, we still advise that people from different households avoid close contact so childcare should only be provided if it is possible to socially distance from your grandchildren. If you have formed a support bubble with your grandchildren’s household, which is allowed if either you or they live in a ‘single adult household’, then there can be close contact and social distancing is not necessary.

For the latest guidance on support bubbles and social distancing visit the website.

Support with home schooling

As people around the world continue to self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic, parents have found themselves taking on a new role as teachers.

However, even with remote help from real teachers, many parents have found the stay-at-home teaching model to be quite difficult.

From children begging to return to school to parents admitting they aren’t able to figure out their child’s homework, these are the issues parents are facing.

Whilst at this time of Social Distancing/Self-Isolation, Parenting/Managing with children at home can be lots of fun but can also be very challenging too. We can help, as we deliver virtual groups and online support. Click here to view our Online Parenting course details.

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