Smoke Free Homes Service

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The Starting Well Partnership have recently launched a new service to support mums, and others living in households with young children to stop smoking. 

Smoke Free Homes will: 

  • Help to set a quit date  
  • Provide 1:1 support with a trained Smoking Cessation Advisor
  • Provide point of contact for Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) 
  • Provide joint family sessions if preferred
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and support

Parents/ carers living in a household with a child/ baby under the age of three can self-refer by emailing:


Reasons to quit smoking

Three good reasons to quit smoking include: 

  1. For your baby now - reduced risk of sudden infant death (SIDS), chest infections, asthma and meningitis
  2. For your next pregnancy - quit now and you'll have a much lower chance of miscarriage, stillbirth or having a premature or unwell baby
  3. For you - more energy, fewer illnesses, more money in your pocket and reduced risk of long term illnesses like cancer, lung or heart diesease

Key Facts

  1. Quitting smoking is the most effective way to protect your child from the harms of secondhand smoke
  2. Two babies die suddenly every week in the UK because their mothers smoked during pregnancy or after birth
  3. Every year, more than 17,000 children under five are admitted to hospital in the UK because of the effects of secondhand smoke
  4. It’s illegal to smoke in a private vehicle with someone under the age on 18
  5. There is lots of support available to help you quit
  6. Quitting smoking could save you around £1,600 a year based on 11 cigarettes per day

FAQ - Why is having a smokefree home important?

Over 80% of cigarette smoke is invisible and stays in the air for several hours after a cigarette has been put out. Quitting smoking completely is the best thing you can do for your baby. If you are unable to quit, smoking outside, away from the house, also decreases the risks to your baby. 

FAQ - Does it matter if other people in the family smoke?

You stand a better chance of quitting smoking and staying smokefree if your partner or family members also quit. If you are all successful your home will be free from cigarette smoke for your child. Children of non-smokers have fewer illnesses and are less likely to become smokers themselves.  

FAQ - Can I get help to quit?

Yes. You are much more likely to quit successfully with the help og a trained stop smoking professional who can provide specialist; medicine or nicotine replacement (NRT) products to help you deal with cravings; and advice about using e-cigarettes. 

FAQ - Can't I just open my window?

No. Opening windows doesn't protect your baby from secondhand smoke, as it's invisable you won't know how much smoke is still in the room. If you need to smoke you should take at least severn steps outside to stop smoke drifiting inside. 

FAQ - What if I'm not ready to quit completely?

Some people need to use other sources of nicotine to help them keep their home smokefree and/or as a complete replacement for smoking. You can use NRT or e-cigarettes to protect yourself and your baby from harmful cigarette smoke. Ther eis currently no evidence of harm to those around you from exposure to e-cigarette vapour.