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Introducing the School Screener system

Children at school

As part of our new, innovative ways of working, the School Health Nursing service is implementing a digital assessment process in schools, with the School Screener system. This will help us understand health needs of pupils in reception and years 6 and 9, and be more responsive to issues raised.

The School Screener system will be trialled in five schools in the 2020/21 autumn term, then rolled out across Worcestershire. The questionnaires cover a range of age-appropriate areas related to children and young people’s health and wellbeing. These include diet, teeth brushing, activity levels, emotional health, bullying, drugs and alcohol, and self-harm.

When questionnaires are completed, the School Health Nursing Service will be able to respond appropriately, for example, by contacting the pupil individually to discuss the issues raised, provide advice and signpost to other support.

Using the reports available will enable the service to plan targeted public health messaging in schools within their district. Reports will also be available to the school to enable them to consider how they will address the needs of their pupils.