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The HENRY programmes look to support families to give your children a healthy, happy start in life to flourish throughout childhood and beyond. 

By adopting unique and effective ways of working with parents, supporting you to change family lifestyle habits and behaviours and provide a healthy start in life for your children – also known as ‘the HENRY approach’

Our range of HENRY courses can help you to:

  • Feel more confident as a parent?
  • Reduce mealtime stress?
  • Enjoy being active as a family more often?
  • Encourage your child away from screens and TV?
  • See your child eat more fruit and vegetables?
  • Gain ideas to help with family routines



HENRY Fussy Eating Webinar

Free, online workshops suitable for parents/carers with children up to 11 years of age

Are you fed up with stressful mealtimes? We're here to help...

Join to get support and new ideas for: 

  • How to encourage your child to try new food - and begin to enjoy them!
  • Child-friendly foods that provide what they need to grow and be healthy 
  • Happier family mealtime

For more information about upcoming webinars and to book your place call: 01905 520 032